1. How to place order?
1.First select the lenses you want to purchase at our website.
2. Fill in the "Order Form" available at the top navigation bar
3. Wait for us to confirm your order. We will reply you within 24 hours
4. After confirming your order, proceed to Payment
5. Failure to receive payment after 2 days will cancel order
6. After we receive your payment we will send out your parcel the next working day.

2. Do we ship overseas?
Yes we ship worldwide, except to Israel (because of post services dont send them to Israel)

3. When is the expiry date of the circle lens?
The contact lenses is yearly disposable after opening
It can last for 5 years without opening the lid.

4. How do i know what prescription to buy?
First you need to get your eye test result in any optical shop. After you knew your prescription for contact lenses you can purchase contact lens with your prescription precisely. If you don't have any short-sighted problem, you can choose 0(plano) for the prescription.

5. What if i have astigmatism problem?
We do not have astigmatism lens.

6. What is the Payment Method?
We accept payments through:
1.Maybank: 164445033006
2. Public Bank:3143974626
3. PayPal (International Buyer), There will be Paypal charges of 5%
4. POSB Savings (Singaporean Buyer)

7. International Delivery time ?

Ans:You can check here for the delivery time


  1. How to check ready stock list ? What happen if some of the lens i order out of stock ?

    1. Which lens you want to order? Where are you from? Thanks

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